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Oasis is a river-front residential development located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s old town Cuale neighborhood. Offering exceptional central location with close proximity to the river-island’s gardens and Vallarta’s downtown, Oasis boasts excellent access to shops, restaurants, cafes, and markets. 93 finely appointed ocean-view units ranging from 400 to 2000 sq. ft, meet a range of lifestyles.

This is truly one of the best places to retire in Mexico.

At Oasis, the magic and spellbinding beauty of Rio Cuale is fully embraced by sensitive planning which extends the riverfront tropical vegetation to its internal landscaping and vertically on to its architecture. Embracing the authenticity of its picturesque old-town community, nestled on the Rivera of Rio Cuale, you discover a slice of paradise that is gifted with perfect orientation and views of the riverfront, the old town and the bay of Banderas. Living in Puerto Vallarta will be a dream come true.

Oasis is a place defined by lush gardens, leisure pools and sun shaded terraces overlooking Rivera Cuale’s tropical landscape. A tranquil atmosphere is embraced by the relaxing sound of Cuale’s flowing waters and old town’s day to day life. These are the most beautiful condos for sale in Mexico.

When you live at Oasis, you become part of
Rio Cuale’s community and its legacy

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This is architecture far beyond your traditional beach apartments. Gardens, fountains and river-front terraces are a big plus at Oasis. The lush tropical landscaping of Rio Cuale’s canopy trees are integrated on to the common gardens of Oasis blending the natural surroundings with Oasis gardens creating a seamless continuum of flowing waters and landscape. A large garden-side pool with cabanas next to open garden area create a distinctive resort quality unrivaled in the old town Vallarta. A roof-top infinity pool, lounge and sunset terrace complement the amenity experience providing Oasis with an unparalleled common area offering. There are no other condos in Puerto Vallarta like these.

Over 95% Sold
Prices starting in the low US $400K
Ready for occupancy.
Great Rental Investment!

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Cuale River

Oasis’ creative planning is aimed to compel a lifestyle of leisure and relaxation with the convenience of modern architecture and amenities all within close proximity to the old-town Vallarta. Gifted with a spellbinding sense of place, amid the flow of Rio Cuale’s cascading pools, Oasis offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can hear the sound of the running waters all year long while lounging under a canopy tree next to a pool or a cabana. A short walk outside its gardens, you find yourself in the heart of a vibrant neighborhood full of shops, restaurants, cafes, galleries and a wonderful food marketplace where the spirit of the community meets everyday life. The perfect place for your retirement in Mexico.

At Oasis, the waters of the surrounding mountains bring life and seasonal beauty to Cuale’s riverbanks providing year-round flowering tropical gardens along a riverfront Island-Paseo lined with shops, cafes, restaurants and markets. Pedestrian bridges connect the Island-Paseo to the old-town cobbled stone streets, plazas, churches and to the Malecon. Vallarta’s old town community offers a vibrant day to day lifestyle full of authenticity and timeless sense of place. Oasis is a place designed to enjoy the natural beauty of Rio Cuale and Vallarta’s old-town lifestyle. This is one of best places for retiring in Mexico from Canada.

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