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  • This issue of our newsletter gives you a little introduction to our new buyers and where they come from; as well as the OASIS Walk Score, as many people want to be able to walk from their apartment/house to stores, supermarkets, food places or activities. The Walk Score will help you to know all the nearby places of interest. We hope you find this information useful.

    Very best regards from the OASIS team.

    Introducing OASIS owners:

    So often, OASIS visitors, maybe even you, have asked us, "Where are our buyers from?" Well, we thought we would answer the question by making a little introduction getting to know the place of origin of our recent buyers, so that you can know who is part of the OASIS community and who will be your future neighbor.

    In this edition, we would like to welcome and congratulate our newest owners at OASIS:

    • Aaron from San Antonio, Texas, USA
    • Charles & Karen from Denver, Colorado, USA
    • Paul from Ontario, Canada.
    • Lance from Austin, Texas, USA

    Happy belated Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends, celebrated this past October 10th

    High season is almost upon us, and we are already feeling renewed energies in our beloved Vallarta as the city comes alive welcoming visitors and winter guests.

    OASIS can't wait to see you, so drop us a line to let us know when you'll be in town!

    Our model unit will be ready on Saturday, November 26th, stay tuned for more information and our opening party!!!


    By Steve Kerr

    OASIS has an international Walk Score of 92 out of 100. OASIS is a Walker’s Paradise. This means that many amenities are around the corner and daily errands do not require a car.

    What is a Walk Score?

    A Walk Score measures the walkability of any address. The Walk Score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. Points are awarded based on the distance to amenities in each category. Amenities within a 5-minute walk (.25 miles) are given maximum points. No points are given after a 30-minute walk.

    All places listed below are within a 20-minute walk from Oasis. It is only a small sample since there are so many places to choose from and these choices are increasing all the time.

    Mercado Emiliano Zapata (6 mins)

    Open aired Mexican market where you can buy almost anything. Fruits & Vegetables, spices, smoothies, meats and seafood. This is an early market and runs from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., so it is best to get there early to get the freshest produce. Open 365 days per year.

    The Emiliano Zapata market is a good place to explore and practice your Spanish!

    Where’s breakfast?

    There are several places to grab breakfast and here are my top 3 and all are within an 8-minute walk from Oasis.

    Mi Café

    A great European style eatery with amazing interior and great food.


    This is a great Mexican family-oriented spot with good portions and great prices, situated on a quiet corner in old town.

    Café 449

    Across from Soco’s and newer on the scene with great fresh food at great prices.

    Where’s The Beach?

    Olas Altas beach is an 18-minute walk. The best path to take is the road that follows the river and gets you onto the island. Just look for the swinging bridge. Follow this path on the Rio Cuale Island until you reach the Malecon and turn left. Here you will find Olas Altas beach.

    Once you get to Olas Altas beach the world is your oyster. The second beach to the south is the famous Playa Los Muertos, located on the south side of the pier.

    Beach bars, restaurants, beach clubs and water taxis from the pier can take you to the more remote beaches to the south. Choose a different experience each time you go until you settle into your grove.

    Where is my Taco?

    Tacos are a Mexican staple, and if you haven’t done a taco tour this might be great idea to get to know which taco stand will become the one you will eventually call your favorite. Here are 3 all within a short walk of Oasis with Tacos Sonorita being the longest walk at 15 minutes.

    Marisma Fish Tacos (8 mins)

    Marisma emerged in 1990 with a small seafood taco stand between two leafy ficus trees; where you can taste different types of seafood tacos, either grilled or deep fried, but all are prepared and served in warm handmade tortillas.

    Tacos Sonoritas (15 mins)

    Tacos Sonoritas arises from the love for the taco culture, full of flavor, color, aromas and experiences. This is a rustic place specializing in tacos al pastor, steak tacos or rib tacos.

    Mariscos Cisneros (9 mins)

    If you love authentic Mexican seafood options, stop here! Mariscos Cisneros is easy to find and offers a delicious array of ceviche, seafood appetizers, tacos and Mexican specialties. Try the hidden garden patio at the back of the restaurant.


    This category can be huge, even within a 20 minute walk in Old Town from Oasis. Also this category can be broad based on your definition of restaurant, cuisine, dining, casual, authentic, view, etc.. Here is a quick snapshot of a few restaurants all within a 10-minute walk.

    La Fina (2 min)

    This very small place is fabulous with delicious Gourmet Mexican food at reasonable prices and above all original recipes, in a cozy and unique environment. Reservations suggested.

    D´Cortes (5 minutes)

    A mixture of flavors, tastes and experiences, its cuisine is mainly inspired by the sea, we invite you to discover a fusion experience of flavors and textures. Reservations suggested.

    Bonito Kitchen (7 mins)

    A casual and cozy restaurant serving up Asian small plates—from fun improvisations on that theme to faithful renditions of classic dishes that we love.

    Red Cabbage Café (6 mins)

    A most delightful dining experience, the menu features dishes from different states of México, Informal but stylish, bohemian but sophisticated dining. Prices are moderate and value outstanding.


    This is another category that can be huge, depending upon if you are looking for a margarita after the beach, happy hour before going out, cocktails watching the sunset or a beer with your feet in the sand.

    Incanto (12 mins)

    Incanto brings together all art forms in one extraordinary venue, featuring music, theatre, art, comedy, and literary events.

    Los Muertos Brewing (12 mins)

    Los Muertos Brewing pushes past the status quo for pubs in Vallarta, bringing craft brewing and combining those flavorful beers with world-class pizza and pub fare, Los Muertos Brewing quickly built a loyal following of regulars.

    Margarita Grill (17 mins)

    This place is fun, home of the big margarita with a live band every night. They are most famous for their fun vibe, molcajetes and margaritas.


    The Rio Cuale cultural center, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the maritime museum, Art Vallarta, Los Arcos on Malecon for nightly entertainment or whatever it is you are looking for can be found within walking distance.

    The Rio Cuale Cultural Center (9 mins)

    The Rio Cuale Cultural Center promotes and strengthens culture in all its expressions, through education in the arts, and conservation of the cultural heritage of Puerto Vallarta.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (13 mins)

    Beautiful Catholic temple that in 2021 celebrated 100 years of construction. It is very well preserved. It is the cultural emblem of Puerto Vallarta, do not forget to visit it, its festival is celebrated on December 12.

    Los Arcos Malecon (15 mins)

    Los Arcos is an amphitheater in downtown, an iconic symbol of Puerto Vallarta that hosts free performances, with live musicians and traditional Mexican dance groups, almost every night.

    In summary, You can see that with a walking score of 92 basically everything is within reach morning, day or night. We leave some of this up to you as exploring and finding your own story is the best part of any vacation or living experience.